Shock last minute donation reaches target for new defibrilator!

13th September

Theo Parfitt with his Great North Run Medal

Team Leader, Theo Parfitt, from the Heathfield and Waldron Responders, set himself a challenge back in February to take part in the 2018 Great North Run to try and raise £1500 to site another Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) in the local community.

This is the first time Theo has ever attempted to undertake any form of distance running and with a three month old baby at home finding time to train was difficult.

“It’s fair to say that when I set out on the first 5k run it felt like it was going to be more than enough, however, after six months of hard work the 5k slowly turned to 10 then 15 and eventually the full 21 km was within my sights” explained Theo.

Public Access Defibrilators (PAD) are devices placed in the community that can greatly increase the chance of survival for somebody suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The average chance of survival in the UK with no early CPR or Defibrilator stands at just 5%. With the introduction of CPR and a PAD the average chance of survival increases to 60%!!

A Defibrilator serves a radius of approximately 450m from its location. This is national figure used by Ambulance Services based on the average time it would take someone to retrieve the device on foot.

The Ambulance service do not recommend public driving for the devices in the event of a cardiac arrest as emotions can run high and concentration can easily slip.

All the hard work paid off and Theo completed the 2018 Simplyhealth Great North Run last Sunday 9th September 2018 in a time of 2:09:03.  Due to a surprise last minute donation he has now reached  his £1500 target needed to install the equipment. Well done Theo. And a huge thank you to everybody who has donated to make this possible!!