Monster trucks return and first for Shetland Pony Grand National

23rd May

From the heavy horse parade to the Shetland Pony Grand National and Big Pete, The Monster Trucks & The Grim Reeper, ring one is the place to watch some spectacular entertainment.

The Monster Trucks will be returning to the Heathfield Show on Saturday.  Big Pete is one of Europe’s largest Monster Trucks with a full-size American truck body and is now partnered by the Grim Reaper.  This is a chance to watch two real Monster Trucks at work jumping and crushing cars. Jumping 15ft in the air and crushing anything in its path is an impressive sight.

New to the show is the adrenaline-fuelled sport of the Shetland Pony Grand National onal Horse Show, which is held December 29 to 31.

For a number of the team the Shetland Pony Grand National is a stepping stone to becoming a full time jockey and over the years there have been quite a few former riders who have gone on to make racing their career.

The riders are aged from the age of eight to 14 or until they are 5ft tall. Anyone over that height has grown too tall.

It’s a great speShetland Pony Derbyctacle with frenzied activity thrown in. The tension mounts as the starter lines the ponies up and there are numerous occasions when the ponies burst over the start line and have to be recalled due to a false start.

Without doubt the tension mounts and for some the nerves get a bit frayed, but in the end it’s down to each individual jockey and their pony to do their best and find the tightest line to the fences before turning down the centre of the arena to cross the finish when the crowd goes wild.

As well as the formal sheep judging, showgoers can also watch the unique Sheep Show which is back for another year. Appearing at over 100 shows a year and in front of an estimated audience of 2.5 million people, this unique show has captured the hearts of many. Time of Show: 1000-1030, 1200-1230, 1330-1400, 1530-1600

For those who like a little less excitement there is the popular vintage tractor display. You can visit the vintage tractor and steam area before the display to see an array of makes and models dating as far back as the 1940s. From Fordsons and Field Marshalls to Massey Fergusons and John Deeres, there’s something for everyone to see. Step further back in time and smell the distinctive aroma of steam coal from the traction engines, with the rare opportunity to see these huge machines in full steam.

Visitors are invited to vote for their favourite tractor in the line up on show day by placing a vote in the ballot box provider. The tractor with the most votes will receive the prized Perpetual Vickery Challenge Cup with a cut glass tankard to keep for eternity.

Exhibitors are very happy to share with you their restoration stories and the history of their pride and joy.

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