Variety is a key word when working at Oakdown House

28th November

Oakdown House

Who wants to do the same thing day in day out? Not many people! Oakdown House is a residential home for adults with learning disabilities, it supports residents with a range of different needs in four different units within a beautiful country setting. No two days are ever the same so variety is assured when working here.

From day one the aim is to train and support their staff team to a high standard so that they can be confident in their role. The induction process takes several weeks, using our on-line training system as well as shadowing experienced staff on the floor. They recruit both experienced support workers as well as people new to care. At Oakdown House and their sister home Carricks Brook, the company prides itself in developing staff throughout their career. Not only are staff trained in all the usual mandatory subjects, but also offer training in lots of additional specialist areas, such as communication, epilepsy and diplomas in health and social care. Staff are encouraged to develop in their roles within the company. Many of their staff have started as support workers or ancillary staff and have then progressed to becoming senior support workers, team leaders, care coordinators, HR assistants as well as managers. There are so many options and opportunities within Oakdown House and Carricks Brook but equally many staff find great satisfaction from being a support worker and remain so for many years.

Gardening is always a popular activity

“It’s really important to our residents that our staff team want to stay, so Oakdown offers many benefits for working in our home. Our homes may be located in the countryside, but unlike so many places we have enough parking for all our staff and visitors. We of course offer a great pension scheme, flexible working, subsidised meals, free training, as well as a benefit called Perkbox. When you have been working for the company for a year you get enrolled in Perkbox which offers money off your shopping, going out etc. as well as Perkbox Medical for free health advice. Benefits aren’t just financial of course, every day you make a real difference to the residents at Oakdown and every day there are fun things happening with the chance to go out on trips with the residents and even take them on holiday… the variety is endless! explained Mike Derrick, spokesperson for Oakdown House.”

Charly’s perspective on working at Oakdown

“Oakdown has provided the flexibility that I have needed. I started working at Oakdown in 2015 as a support worker. I love supporting the residents at Oakdown and enjoy the variety the job has to offer. After working at Oakdown for a few years I fell pregnant with my son. Oakdown made sure they supported me throughout my pregnancy and I was able to relax through my maternity leave knowing I had a job I enjoyed to return to. Of course, once you’ve had children life is never the same again! Having a young child can make it hard to commit to a full-time contract or even a part time contract to be honest so I came back after maternity leave on a bank contract. This meant I could pick up shifts when I was able and as long as I kept my training up to date and covered a minimum of 4 shifts a month, (I always did more) I was still an asset to Oakdown. Now my children are growing up I have been able to concentrate on myself and my career again which has resulted in me recently training as a reserve team leader. I have a permanent contract and can step into the team leader role whenever required. It’s been nice to have a new challenge!” commented Charly, Reserve Team Leader

Charly at work

Niki’s Journey at Oakdown

“I have been part of the team at Oakdown for a long time but the years have sped past and have never been dull! I started at Oakdown as a support worker in 2001 and quickly became a Team Leader. I have always tried to be a good listener, caring, loyal, dedicated and dependable, qualities that I believe you need to have when working in any care setting but especially when you are working with residents with learning disabilities. Through great in-house training at Oakdown I have been fortunate to have had a number of other roles including being a Care Coordinator, Training Coordinator and more recently I have become the Registered Manager. In this role I aim to lead by example with individualised, person-centred care for every resident. These qualities are at the heart of our ethos at Oakdown House, we encourage and support all of our staff to be the best they can be at supporting each individual resident at Oakdown. Although there are over 100 staff at Oakdown everyone knows and supports each other to create a lovely place for the residents to live, it is their home and we always remember that.” Niki, Registered Manager, Oakdown

If you fancy a job that’s rewarding with something different happening everyday then contact us straight away, let your 2020 be a year of variety!

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